Ludum Dare 38 Submission

So this definitely isn't one of my best submissions. There's no real game mechanic here so it's pretty boring. At the very least I reached one of my goals, which was to make a game in 3D. I also learned a lot from this and I had fun doing it. I'll do a more in-depth postmortem soon. 

Go play it now, if you dare!

Goals for Ludum Dare 38

Theme: A Small World

As I'm starting to write this post it is less than eight minutes before Ludum Dare actually starts. First things first if you haven't seen the documentary I made you should go watch it now! I will write a more detailed post about the making of it later.

Ok, now for Ludum Dare I usually like to start with some goals. Obviously there is the goal of making a game but I need even more constraints than that. So for this Ludum Dare my "sub-goals" are:

  • Make a game that's in 3-D
  • Make a game that's mechanically complete
  • Optional: Make a game that works on Mobile
That's pretty much it for now. I don't even know if I'm doing the compo or the jam. If some friends contact me wanting to help that's fine. If not I'll push for the compo.

Godspeed everyone!