Cracking Open a Virtual Cold One

As of writing this post I'm 18 hours away from officially turning 21 years old. Since I didn't want to wait to enjoy a brewski I used my game development skills to create a totally realistic simulation.

The game is still prealpha and there are no builds available yet.

Solar Eclipse 2017

Experiencing a total solar eclipse has been on my bucket list since I was a young child. I remember seeing one portrayed in an animated Nickelodeon movie and I always wondered why they always happened in Africa but never in the United States. Now I can confidently cross that one off my bucket list.

Check out my video about it:

Anyways, my friends Ty, Heather and I drove over 8 hours from our homes in the North Bay, California all the way to Madras, Oregon. Madras is where all the cool kids watched the eclipse from and was very close to the center of the totality path.

We were extremely fortunate that things worked out the way it did. We drove up Sunday and did not hit any significant traffic. We didn't have solar viewing glasses until about 20mins before C1. We just happened to stumble upon a coffee stand that sold genuine glasses for a reasonable $5. Also, we found a nice spot on the side of a farm road. We were even near some cows. We were hoping they would freak out but all they really did was stand up.

Anyways, I'm really glad I was able to experience the totality. Also, I'm thankful that my retinas didn't get cooked.